Software Affiliate and Dealership Opportunities!

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Software Affiliate and Dealership Opportunities!

We are proud to present you with an exciting business opportunity! [Company Name], as a leading name in software, is looking for business partners to contribute to our growth through software affiliate and reseller programs.

Why U.S?

LEVZİ YAZILIM has experience in developing and providing software solutions for years (2009). Innovation, quality and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our business. The software we offer can be customized to suit the needs of businesses in different industries and is backed by an excellent support team.

Software Affiliate Program

By joining our software affiliate program, you can get:

Attractive Commissions: Earn attractive commissions for every software you sell.
Wide Product Range: Offer the perfect solutions for your industry.
Marketing and Sales Support: We support you on your way to success with marketing materials and sales training.
Customer Satisfaction: Increase your customers' satisfaction by providing the best software solutions for them.
Dealership Program

By joining our franchise program, you can get:

Exclusive Region: Gain franchise rights in a specific geographic region.
Product Training: Support customers by getting to know the products we offer best.
Local Marketing Support: Assist you with local marketing activities.
Continuous Support: We provide continuous technical support and training to our dealers.
How to Apply?

To apply for our software affiliate or reseller program, please complete the application form on [Company Website]. We will review your application and contact you.

If you want to start a successful career as a software partner and contribute to growth, join us! Let's build a successful future together with [Company Name].

Contact us for more information: Contact

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